What is RIDE2?

I'm a freelance designer specialized in design for 3D printing (additive manufacturing). I get involved in unique design projects based on a co-creation and mass customization strategy. Contact me for a free consult on your next 3D printing project or hire me to co-design your next product. 

I print 24/7 on home professional printers (Ultimaker 2 and ATUM3D) and optimize designs for 3D printing technology. You will find most of my open work on this website and the following web shops and sharing communities. 


3D renders


The dream

RIDE2 is an acronym for Rik Industrial Design, Engineering Emotions and is born out the passion to be be involved in the maker society. I believe in a new world revolving around a 3D lifestyle that exist of oceans of data in contrast to locally produced hardware from DIY to full functioning robotics. A dynamic network of specialist will dominate the market and sharing will be the roots of communities.

Are you ready for the next generation?



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My approach

Every product deserves a personal touch!

every projects deserves a personal approach

Every 3D project is unique and benefits from a personal advice on commercial available options. Post me the challenge and I will find a solution.

the 3D digital design is the centre focus in each project

The design is most important art for additive manufacturing and by active co-design, we create a total unique product.

the factory is around the corner

Based on material, quality and time the best additive technology is chosen. From prototyping to full functional products a best fit in materials en printer will always pay off.


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3D print news of the world

World’s Largest 3D Printed Structure Pops up in Beijing

By Michael Molitch-Hou

WASP may have just shown the world its enormous house 3D printer and Branch Technology has printed the tallest sculpture in the US, but, at Beijing Design Week 2015, a giant structure was unveiled with a name as epic as its size.  The VULCAN pavilion, currently being displayed in Beijing’s Parkview Green, is a massive 26.5 feet long and 9.5 feet tall, leading the Guinness Book of World Records to label it the world’s largest 3D printed structure.

Made by Laboratory for Creative Design (LCD) using 20 large-format 3D printers, the pavilion is composed of 1,023 individual parts, which were them assembled on-site.…

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