Candor “OK Trofee”

Sometimes a hand gesture says more than words. The "OK Trofee" is based on a joke that is used among students in Maastricht. Receiving this award means that your probably the only one who is proud on your achievement. We scanned the hands in the best position and made it digital. After modeling the base it's 3d printed and hand painted. Now it proudly reminds us of our wonderful time as student and entrepreneur in Maastricht.  This project shows that we no longer need to design gestures and objects, we can use nature to design for us. Simply combining and remixing nature can lead to new art, just like re-sampling in the music industry.

This was a one time limited edition to explore the possibilities of both the Structure IO scanner and Autodesk Fusion 360. Contact me if you have questions or like to have your own personalized award.