Education is a cross platform and cooperative process. Since technology is evolving at a increasingly rapid rate, we can only keep up to teach at a young age. To gab the distance we send our students from the applied university to learn kids about coding and prototyping. Check-out my design for the STEM boxes we use to educate the engineers of the future.

STEM = Science Technology Engineering Math

In the core of this design I used the circular principles I'm studying currently. The design is modular an uses no glue or any one way manufacturing techniques. The complete box can be disassembled and recycled or reused for other purposes. By using bamboo the design is timeless and has a natural feel, to make it last for the longest time possible. By using standard  a assortment case the use can be change based on the application or theme. This keeps the content up to date and the box last for more than one year. Tools can be added accordingly and by using a universal standard most things will fit somehow.